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You Wouldn't Let a Machine Care For Your Baby

You Get a Real Digital Care Expert

Unlike most off-shore website management services, Treefrog Website Care gives you a proactive domestic digital expert who constantly analyzes your site for problems and opportunities.

You Get Brand-Sensitive Nurturing

We provide more than the basics of care. We nurture your site with an understanding of your brand and the ways your website can help that brand grow big and strong. We help the brand you have built.

You Get To Do Things You Want To Do

Caring for a website is demanding and constant. Treefrog Website Care frees you and your people to grow your business knowing that your site is in good hands. Enjoy life and work on what you do best.
Our Growing Database

We Actively Monitor WordPress Threats

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What makes us different?

We Provide Proactive Website Maintenance

Rather than waiting for issues to arise, proactive maintenance aims to prevent them from occurring in the first place. It involves identifying potential problems, addressing them early, and making strategic updates to enhance the website's overall health and functionality.

Expert Digital Care

Utilize our digital experts who protect and nurture your website, ensuring its secure and uninterrupted operation while enhancing its performance, relevance, and engagement.

Convenient Website Management

Free up personnel to focus on revenue-generating opportunities while Treefrog Website Care takes care of everything related to your website maintenance and management. Focus on growing your business, leave website management tasks to the experts.
The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

We Actively Check Your Website On All Devices For Accessibility and Compliancy

We Make Websites Accessible For Everyone


How can we help you?

Pick a Personalized Care Plan


  • 1x Daily Backup
  • Core & Plugin Updates
  • Unlimited Website Changes*
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Security Optimization

Protect & Perform

  • Protect Plan
  • + 2x Daily Backups
  • + Speed & Performance Tools
  • + Mobile & Tablet Optimizations
  • + Media & Image Optimization
  • + Complete Malware Removal

Custom Sites

  • Protect & Perform Plan
  • + 4x Daily Backups
  • + Custom Built Website Support
  • + Custom Functionality Testing
  • + Digital Project Planning

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Software Integrations

We Will Help You Integrate When You Need Help Doing Integrations

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